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Review of Dr Ahlowalia’s Complete Modular Series

by Dr Mahmoud Ibrahim

Thanks for putting together an awesome course. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen and I genuinely enjoyed the course and learning about your approach.”

Review of Dr Ahlowalia’s Complete Modular Series

by Dr Harmeet Grewal

I have just completed the course and it’s fantastic.”

Review of Dr Ahlowalia’s Complete Modular Series

by Dr Rakesh Sharma

So it all comes to an end.. Module 4 all over! Learnt so much and still more to learn!

Thanks Raj Ahlowalia for your time and efforts and trying to teach us occlusion...

Anyone thinking about doing an occlusion course get onto now!!” 

Review of Dr Ahlowalia’s Course Module 1

by Dr Saeid Haghri (organiser Make-A-Dentist MAD Conference)

Very nice course. Loved the learning to provide treatment with predictable outcomes; major benefit for the patient and also dentist in long term.... First time I ever liked listening to someone talking about occlusion!”

Review of Dr Ahlowalia’s Course Module 1

by Dr Jan Einfeldt (6MonthSmiles lecturer)

Occlusion is a funny thing. All dentists work "with it", but not many feel very comfortable making changes.

To know when we should make changes, when not to and how, seems to be a very confusing subject.

There are different schools that teach one way or the other. Some seem to make it very simple and some very complicated.

After starting on Raj Ahlowalia’s comprehensive care courses I can say that the pieces have fallen into place and perspective for me so I can treat comprehensive cases with the certainty that I can analyse, test, trial, predict and treat patients comprehensively.

Raj is an amazing teacher and his patience is second to none (good for me!).

If there are dentists out there that want to be able to treat patients predictably, then this is a great opportunity to have such an advanced teacher in the UK who has taught at the prestigious Pankey and Spear Institutes in America.

Furthermore Raj understands the importance of the communication aspect of Dentistry, which I believe to be as equally important to the actual dentistry.

My only regret... I wish I had done his courses sooner.”

Review of Dr Ahlowalia’s Courses

by Dr Karen Andrews

“I first met Raj on an implant course many moons ago. He introduced me to the Pankey Institute in Miami which completely turned my dentistry and career around and now I actually really enjoy my dentistry! Since then I have heard Raj lecture many times.

He is amazing, explains everything in a logical, easy to understand format.

He is extremely approachable and incredibly helpful whenever you ‘don’t quite get it’.

I would highly recommend to anyone any of his courses, he is the man to turn your life [dentistry] around.

Thanks Raj.”

Review of Dr Ahlowalia’s Course Module 1

by Dr Nick Simon (Cfast lecturer)

“I’ve just returned from an amazing two days with the excellent Dr Raj Ahlowalia .... Brilliantly presented and thoroughly enjoyable ....

Totally inspiring .... a brilliant course on comprehensive dentistry.”

Review of Dr Ahlowalia’s Course Module 1

by Dr Anya Sieinska

“To all dentists wishing to progress in the level of expertise and dentistry they deliver, no matter where they are on their career pathway right now I have recently attended the first module of Comprehensive Dentistry by Raj Ahlowalia.

The reason why I want to share this with you is that there is a wide variety of courses on the same subject and whilst we all strive for excellency, we don't have limitless amount of time and funds to attend them all. I have attended a vast amount of courses, including yearly occlusion and yearly aesthetics courses by excellent and greatly respected dentists. When I heard about Raj's course, I knew I needed some consolidation, but I wasn't sure if repeating the subject is going to be fruitful. And so I attended the first 2 days with some trepidation.

I noticed the difference in the first hour! Raj is a born teacher. Not only he has a wealth of knowledge, but also the way he shares it is unique. I hardly made any notes... muscles, occlusion? It was all so simple as he was explaining it. All of the sudden all the pieces of the puzzle started coming together.

Now, incidentally, we all think; ‘Am I going to put this into practice? Am I going to remember it all? I need to have the time to go through my notes ( slides)’. And usually we do not put it into practice. Not this time. Only last week I had 2 patients coming to me, with these pains and aches, migraines, debilitating arm aches with no improvement from chiropractors, asking me if I knew anything about grinding and clenching and if I understood what they were complaining of. Of course I did! And not only that, I did my first muscle exams. Wow! And surprised myself how much I already took on board and impressed my patients leaving them speechless.

Now I am counting my days until the next module. It can't come soon enough.

If you want to practise with a difference and make the difference - attend this programme. You shan't be disappointed and your money will be well spent.

Raj Ahlowalia - remember this name. He used to teach for Frank Spear and The Pankey Institute. Now he is bringing this wealth of knowledge to this side of the pond, so we don't need to spend the money on flights, hotels and have it all here....

....Spot on! Feeling lucky to be one of the first delegates.

Yours truly, chronic and addicted CPD attender,


Review of Dr Ahlowalia’s Course with Dr Lee-Ann Brady

by Dr Neel Jaiswal

“Seriously, one of the best learning experiences I’ve had, brought a lot of stuff together...”

Review of Dr Ahlowalia’s Video Course for Dentinal Tubules

by Dr Vishaal Shah

“...We watched your lecture on Dentinal Tubules. Your work is inspiring, your delivery is pitch perfect and your manner is humble. Thank you....”

Review of Dr Ahlowalia’s lecture for 2016 Make-A-Dentist conference

by Dr Tif Qureshi (Inman Aligner lecturer)

A great, honest and forward thinking lecture by Raj.. first time I have seen him speak, and was really impressed.”

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