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Dr Raj Ahlowalia is a world renowned teacher and mentor in all aspects of comprehensive dentistry, occlusion and aesthetic dentistry.

He was for many years a member of the advisory panel to The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education in Miami, Florida, where he also taught as a member of the Visiting Faculty for many years as well as at The Spear Education Centre in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Dr Ahlowalia mentors study groups and lectures internationally.

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The Keys to Predictability, Stability & Longevity

Why take Dr Ahlowalia’s courses?

To some degree this is a question of one’s personal dental philosophy.

Dr Ahlowalia has maintained a career working in the very same room he started in as a Vocational Trainee in 1991 in a small market town in rural Bedfordshire.

In such a community he has treated the same patients for over 20 years as well as multiple generations of the same family.

Such practices are common for sure, however to succeed as a purely private practitioner in such a small community where everyone knows everyone Dr Ahlowalia found himself wanting to provide a level of excellence to his dental services that were second to none.

In seeking this personal goal he chose to study throughout the world with some of the finest practitioners at the most reputable institutions.

During his personal and professional growth and development Dr Ahlowalia discovered that predictability and therein longevity was a key component that he would have to deliver within his dentistry if he wanted to achieve his goal of excellence within his chosen craft.

And the key to predictability he discovered lay in an intimate understanding of not just the technical dental skills but more importantly the complex mechanics of the stomatognathological system; that being the physical relationship between the dental tissues, the jaw joints and the muscles of mastication. Or to put it more simply; how occlusions work and what makes them stable.

Dr Ahlowalia wishes to convey to anyone with a desire to learn from him the cocktail of learning he has experienced; learning that has taken him from the humble rural general practice to working in Harley Street, teaching alongside the very mentors who taught him in the United States at both the Spear Education Centre and The Pankey Institute, where he was also for many years on the board of advisors, to once upon a time being the face of UK Dentistry on the Extreme Makeover television show.

From Cosmetic Dentistry, through Implant rehabs, to complex occlusal rehabilitations and the management of severe wear cases, utilising simple case studies and exercises that will take you from the subtleties of communication to understanding how to think your way through the complexities of multidisciplinary full mouth reconstruction, Dr Ahlowalia will teach you his simple to follow ‘road map’ for long term predictability and stability in your Comprehensive, Functional & Aesthetic Dentistry.